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Do you dream of creating your terrace or garden path with a magnificent traditional stone, blue stone or wooden paving? Would you like to have your favourite paving laid by an outdoor landscaping professional? As of now, call on the know-how and professionalism of All Green Art, a company specialising in top-of-the-range exterior fittings.

All your wooden elements ! 


We are specialized in all wooden elements, in wooden outdoor installations such as chalets, wooden carports, pool houses. If you have a project, if you want to realize it with wood, we will come to you to realize your free estimate.

Planting a wooden and azobé terrace !


To arrange your terrace with wooden boards, trust our expertise. Natural wood, exotic wood or composite wood, we offer you many high quality materials to cover your various outdoor spaces including your terrace.

We can also make a wooden staircase for your exterior as well as your interior. You have ideas, we have solutions for you at All Green Art.

Custom paving & stairs !

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All Green Art offers you top-of-the-range stone paving to bring an original and chic touch to your outdoor space. They can be installed in a garden path, on a terrace or even on an outdoor staircase according to your desires and needs.

Before laying your stone paving, a feasibility study will be carried out because several steps are necessary, including dismantling the ground, levelling and creating a laying bed before laying the stone paving stones, one by one by hand. Precision work for exceptional rendering.

The different steps of laying your exterior paving !


To be properly laid, an exterior paving must be laid in many essential steps:


Stripping of the installation surface and realization of the natural stone and gravel foundation


Delivery of the materials necessary to make your natural paving


Paving on a dry mortar or stabilized sand layer, according to the demands and requirements of each site


Casting of joints, and paving maintenance according to your desires (water-oil repellent and different treatments…)

Carimat, quality exterior paving !


For many years, All Green Art has been a partner of the Carimat brand for all your outdoor paving. Carimat offers all its customers numerous references such as stone paving, blue stone paving, concrete paving and many other references according to your desires, your needs and your budget.

High quality construction sites !


For the installation of your stone or concrete paving, All Green Art will take the time to complete it and will make it a point of honour to make your site clean and perfectly completed. Your satisfaction is their greatest reward, their greatest success.

To learn more about All Green Art paving or get a 100% free quote for your entire project, contact them now by phone or email.